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Welcome to the Salsa Rhythm Wiki !

This wiki is an online resource where dancers and musicians can learn about the Salsa music, instruments and rhythmical patterns. In addition, the Salsa Rhythm Wiki serves as the online documentation for the Salsa Beat Machine. It's still at its very beginning, and even though there is already some useful content here, the success of this wiki depends on you, the users, to enhance existing pages and create new ones - for the benefit all of us.

You can see a list of wanted pages here:

Mini Beat Machine

The mini beat machine is a small widget embedded in some of the Salsa Rhythm Wiki pages, allowing you to experiment with the instruments and rhythmical patterns explained in the wiki. It's a scaled-down version of the Salsa Beat Machine, with a minimal user-interface which resembles an ordinary media player.

The Mini Beat Machine

The icons used in this widget are from the 'silk' collection by provided by You can get your own copy here: The Silk Icon Collection.