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Beat 1 is the name of the first beat of each phrase in Salsa Music.

Tips for distinguishing the "One" from the "Five"

The first level in deciphering salsa rhythms is learning to find the "one" and/or the "five". If you can do this consistently, congratulations! You've just distinguished yourself from most of the other dancers on the floor.

The next level in hearing and the dancing salsa rhythms is to be able to distinguish beat "one" from beat "five". It’s easy to confuse them and there are various names for this error, such as "having the beat turned around" or "dancing on the follow's time". Does it matter? Well, if neither you nor your partner can hear the difference, then there's no problem. But if the follow can hear the difference and the lead cannot, it can be painful for the follow.

It turns out that being able to hear and dance with the music involves at least two distinct skills:

Note that not all songs have a discernable melody at all times. However, when there is a melody, the beginning of the melody usually begins on or near the "one". So, if you are looking for a short, simple explanation of how to distinguish the "one" from the "five", I would say "listen to the melody".